COVID19 flatten the curve

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 : Catherine-Anne Walsh

Flatten the Curve today. 

As a practice we have decided to only see emergency treatments to reduce community transmission happening while patients travel to and from the practice. We have given our supplies to our GP practice so that they can continue to function. We will be able to treat you safely if you are in pain and need us. We will offer phone advice and when you need it, treatment. 

We have chosen to do this even though it is not mandated by the health department. The burden on our health systems will  become critical over the next few months. There is already a universal shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitiser. We believe this essential equipment should be prioritised to services that most urgently require it to diagnose and treat the exponentially increasing number of COVID-19 patients.

What to do if you are in Pain: 

  • Call us 9232 6367 and let us help you assesses if you need to come in or if we can help you over the phone.
  • You can always book online and come in. We will call you before you come in and screen you.
  • Phone consult with Dr Walsh and Dr Carroll. Our Dentist can give advice, and where appropriate, prescription medication, medical certificates, pathology requests and referrals. As well as advise you if you need to be seen in person.
  • Come into the clinic.

What to do if you are on-home isolation:

  • Floss.
  • Brush for 2 mins 2 times a day

At this time people will have anxiety and fears, for some this is an increase to how they feel already yet for most this will trigger feelings that they may not have dealt with before. If you or a loved one needs to talk with a GP or a psychologist please call and we can help you. It is ok not to be ok about all of this. 

Sydney Doctors 9233 3399

Lifeline 13 11 14

Beyond blue. 1300 22 4636

General Health advice:

Our GP practice has arranged phone consults for most patients with General Medical concerns, Mental health, Child health, Sexual health, Antenatal and child health phone consults if you cannot come in to see a GP. Here is the information around Medical Advice for all health matters.


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