Flu Season by Christine Fischer-Stoess

Monday, April 18, 2016 : Catherine-Anne Walsh

 Happy Monday Everyone!

Did you know that this month is the WHO’s world vaccination week (24-30)? Me either!! Amazing what you can Google! Not only has there been impressive progress in the reduction of disease as a result of vaccination (rubella and tetanus anyone?)1 but there have also been impressive developments with new vaccines. Ebola, for example. I have to say I’m fairly relieved that I don’t reside in a part of the world where Ebola is endemic.

I do, however; reside in a part of the world where flu is an issue. There’s a cute add on my train line about being smug this year by getting a flu vax to avoid (you guessed it!) the flu! Now, both the Dentist and I are big enthusiasts of the flu vaccine and we always get the yearly update and encourage all of the office staff here at The Health Clinic to get a flu vax also. Our nurse is very gentle—I didn’t feel a thing! I have also spoken with 4 out of 5 Medical Doctors here who also agree that vaccines are an important thing in life and encourage you to get the flu vaccine every year!

Some other ways to help reduce the likely hood of getting sick this year include:

-Cough etiquette, sneezing or coughing into a tissue or your elbow2

-Washing your hands before eating or drinking2

-Staying home if you feel unwell2

So, perhaps plan to get a flu vaccine over the next few weeks….drag the kids in over school holidays….and have a lovely (flu-free!) semester break!



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