Our Promise to you

Thursday, June 29, 2017 : Catherine-Anne Walsh




We cannot promise "cheap" dentistry because we cannot deliver "cheap" dentistry. We understand that our fees may be high for a large number of people, but we are distributing those fees fairly amongst our team and our suppliers, investing constantly into the betterment of our service, our premises and our skills.

When describing our practice, you may not be able to say that we are "cheap"  but you should be able to say that we work hard to keep our promises and put our customers first.

Whatever practice you choose to visit and for whatever reason, listen to their promise to you and hold them to that promise! Choose your dental team wisely. A good relationship with a dental professional can not only benefit you, by keeping your teeth healthy, but also your whole family and your community, by educating you and enabling you to educate others.

Dentistry does not provide one solution to all tooth decay, otherwise, Fluoride would have long eradicated this disease! Dentistry must provide specific solutions for each individual and this can only be achieved by developing trusting, long term relationship with your dental team.

Remember your old family dentist? Generations of one family used to see the same practitioner from the day they commenced to the day they retired from practice. This is very rare in today's world, especially in the Sydney CBD. I truly hope we can bring this back and make you feel satisfied, like a huge promise has for once been delivered and even your most extraordinary expectations have been met and exceeded.

Keep Smiling!

Your Dentists Dr Sutton & Dr Walsh


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