Pretty drinks with the umbrellas Happy 4th July!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 : Catherine-Anne Walsh

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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What? You mean you forgot? It’s Independence Day in the USA, if you recall.

Did you also forget Canada Day on July 1st? Ooops!

While we are bracing for winter weather here, the summer has finally arrived for most parts of North America and with this comes summer barbeques! I had a quick google for 4th of July recipes and oh-my-food network! Georgia peach cobbler, red velvet ice cream pie, watermelon granita, outrageous brownies and red-white-and blue cocktails, just to name a few! Now, I don’t need to look at the recipes to know that they are packed with sugar and maybe some acid and other things that are a bit not-so-tooth-friendly. Which is only problematic if you are travelling to the States this summer?

So, what are your travel plans? I’ve had a large proportion of folks planning for the States but also Europe and other fun and sun locales. While I hope that you have an absolute ball on vacation, I’m also playing the Dental Hygienist card and I would like to remind you to take care of yourself while on your trip.

This includes watching the sugar and the acid—especially in combination. I’m talking about those pretty drinks with the umbrellas—they usually have heaps of sugar and are on the acidic side of the scale, which is a double insult for your poor teeth. Sadly, holidays don’t last forever, so I expect you’re back to your normal, responsible habits of flossing, brushing and taking good care of yourself after the holiday. But do be aware that your holiday diet could catch up with you. 

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