Sugar by Christine Fischer-Stoess

Monday, November 21, 2016 : Catherine-Anne Walsh

    Did you know that Dentists have to go to school throughout their careers to maintain their practice licences? I did, because all dental health professionals have to do this. This weekend was the annual NSW ADA meeting, held in Bathurst this time. So, while you were enjoying 30-odd degrees on Friday, Dr. Walsh was in class.

    I have a mathematics problem for everyone who was not in class this past weekend…..what weighs 23kg? I’m having a competition for the best answers given at the office this week—free floss! 23 kg is about 2 times the weight of my toddler. It is also about the allowance of your baggage for your international flight. How big is that suitcase you travel with? Mine is bigger than me, and when it weighs 23kg, the only way I can move it is to roll it.

    The reason I ask you to come up with a 23kg item is because the ADA of NSW have devoted this past weekend to creating more awareness about sugar and it’s detriment to oral health--there’s even a press release!(1) What does 23kg have to do with this?

    Well, it is the amount of sugar the average Australian consumes in the course of a calendar year if they have one can of fizzy drink every day. My entire suitcase filled to the brim with shopping that I can only roll to move. Imagine the damage that this is doing to your teeth, in addition to your waistline? My molars ache at the thought!




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