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Great customer service is at the heart of everything we do, from the warm and welcoming atmosphere at our office and our flexible opening hours to our expert, professional dental treatments and friendly staff. When you make an appointment to visit The Dentist, you can relax knowing your dental health is in safe hands! 

Our philosophy

Learn about our three P’s of perfect dentistry. We strive to be the best at what we do and give our customers a great experience. 
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Our Accreditation

The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street was the first dental practice in NSW to be accredited. We are also the first joint medical and dental practice with accreditation. What is accreditation?Accreditation is independent recognition that our organisation meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards which provides quality and performance assurance for consumers. We use accreditation is a tool to measure and improve performance and health outcomes for our patients.



Our team  

Meet our team of friendly, experienced dental staff and learn a little more about them. 
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Our office and hours 

Our comfortable offices in Pitt Street, Sydney, will make you feel relaxed from the minute you arrive! 
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Check out The Dentist’s appearances in the media, blogs and radio. 
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Our philosophy of care goes beyond teeth. We strive to be the greenest dentist in Sydney. 
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We believe in sharing our good fortune and are actively involved in various charities.

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If you’d like to book an appointment with The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street, then contact us , or call us in Sydney on (02) 9232 6367.


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