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Keeping Sydney’s teeth and gums clean

We are one of the very few Sydney CBD dentists to have a qualified dental hygienist on staff who’s available for teeth cleaning and gum treatments during office hours. 

New patient hygiene treatments

Although we understand it would be convenient to have a dental hygienist treatment directly after your new patient visit, this isn’t always possible. Every patient is unique and the degree of treatment required is different. If, for example, you just need stain removal and minimal scaling of your teeth and gums, a short appointment will be required. But for deep scaling of heavy calculus (tartar) you may need a longer visit or even multiple treatments. It’s best to see the dentist first then, after discussion, make a separate appointment to see the dental hygienist. 

Returning patient hygiene treatments

Regular patients visit the dental hygienist at least every six months. Our dental hygienist will scale your teeth and gums and review gum health. She’ll discuss your home care instructions and, if necessary, discuss your diet and any risk of decay or gum disease. Our dentist will then see you for a review examination. 

Our preventative dental care services

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