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Please note that our google map is incorrect- the address is level 1, 70 Pitt st not 170 Pitt st.  

The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street                                                                                

Level 1, 70 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9232 6367

After hours : 040 6986 909



Monday, Thursday      :     8am-7pm

Tuesday, Wednesday :    8am-5pm

Friday                             :    8am-5pm

Saturday                        :    First Saturday of the Month 8am-12pm


Chose which Practitioner below you would like to see, as well select 

if the  appointment is to be with the dentist or a visit with the hygienist 

to have your teeth cleaned. 

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Dr Catherine-Anne Walsh
We are here to educate, motivate and inspire you to gain and retain control over your dental health.
Dr Catherine Anne Walsh