Teeth whitening

Get the whiter brighter teeth you’ve always wanted

At The Dentist all our whitening treatments use the Opalescence brand that’s recommended by dentists worldwide. When used as per our instructions, our teeth-whitening products are safe to your health and your teeth and are guaranteed to give you the brightest smile possible! 

How long does the brightness last? 

How long your teeth remain bright will depend on your preventative care regime, your diet and lifestyle. Ideally, professional whitening treatment should give you results that last up to two years. However, if you don’t brush your teeth, don’t see the Hygienist regularly, drink a lot of coffee, tea or red wine, or suffer from acid erosion, your teeth may not stay bright for very long.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your diet and lifestyle risk openly with us before starting your whitening so as to avoid disappointment. 

What you need to know about teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening is a very effective and minimally invasive way to brighten your smile, However, it uses a controlled substance that can be harmful if not used properly.
Some unwanted and preventable side effects of teeth whitening are:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold during the whitening treatment.
  • Chemical burns on gums, soft tissues and skin.
  • Accidental swallowing of the whitening gel (that can be harmful in large quantities).

To avoid unwanted side effects and get the best results from teeth whitening, we recommend following these simple rules:

  • Always follow your dentist’s directions and use only the whitening kit professionally made for you or recommended to you.
  • Get a clean bill of health for your teeth and a professional clean before you start whitening treatment. Whitening may not be successful if you have large fillings on your front teeth or may be uncomfortable if you have cavities or exposed root surfaces.
  • Only use whitening products dispensed by a qualified dental professional.
  • Consult your dentist regularly to check your results and discuss any side effects. Overuse of whitening products can be toxic and dangerous. Your dentists will tell you when you’ve reached your brightest shade and advise you to stop whitening.

At The Dentist, we guarantee our professional whitening treatments only for those patients who undergo an examination and hygiene visit at our practice before they start whitening.



Zoom! in-office teeth whitening  

This product is designed as a quick-start whitening treatment or for people for whom take-home treatment isn’t an option. Due to its high concentration, it’s more harmful to soft tissues and skin than the other gels and causes more sensitivity.

This treatment involves a one-hour teeth-whitening session in our office that can only be done once per week. While the gel improves the brightness of your teeth it can also dry them out. Dry teeth can appear even brighter than hydrated teeth. It’s difficult to judge whether one session has significantly brightened your teeth and you may need multiple sessions.



Take-Home teeth-whitening kits

Our most popular whitening treatment. We think it’s the best for its predictable results, the time it takes to whiten and its value for money.

Teeth sensitivity is common with whitening treatments and to help reduce it, we include a gentle tooth-rebuilding, calcium-based Toothmousse in your whitening packs, for after-care. You should always contact us if you experience strong sensitivity, even after using Toothmousse.

Our regular preventative care patients can also enjoy the benefit of being able to ‘top up’ their whitening with a complimentary syringe of whitening gel once per year. 

In office and take-home teeth whitening combination treatment

An in-office teeth-whitening treatment can be used together with a take-home treatment, for quicker results. 

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