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Our belief in good dental health goes together perfectly with our belief in creating a healthy environment. We’re one of the few dental practices in Sydney that work towards minimising our environmental footprint. 


How we’re working towards being a ‘green’ dentist

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and have the following ‘green practices’ in place in our offices on 70 Pitt Street:

  • We aim to be a paperless office and we opt out of paper correspondence wherever possible in favour of email. (Patients can opt out of paper account statements and instead choose to have them emailed.) 
  • We have online access to our preferred radiology laboratory’s records, which allows us to view and save our patients’ digital x-ray images generated off site. 
  • We use digital radiography in our office, eliminating the need for film, film storage and hazardous developing chemicals waste. 
  • We recycle paper and any non-biodegradable plastic products we may use. 
  • We use only biodegradable plastic barriers on our equipment. 
  • We use only biodegradable paper cups. 
  • Paper towels, office paper and paper bags for our complimentary hygiene kits are all made from recycled paper. 
  • We turn off all equipment and power overnight to conserve electricity. 
  • We keep water consumption to a minimum and turn off the tap when brushing our teeth. 
  • We do not use amalgam restorations and we are aiming to install an amalgam separator device for all our waste water by early 2012. This will be another big step in dramatically reducing our environmental footprint.
  • We’re aiming to complete a GreenDOC™ certification by The Eco Dentistry Association in 2012.


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