New patients

Getting it right from the start

At your first visit to The Dentist we’ll carry out a series of tests and examinations to ensure we have a clear picture of your dental wellbeing. These include:

  • An assessment of your medical and lifestyle risk from your completed new patient registration and history. 
  • Examination of your face, neck, jaw muscles and joints to check function and health. 
  • Examination of your cheeks, tongue, lips and gums for signs of oral cancer. 
  • Assessment of the integrity of your teeth covering: 
      • Signs of decay (cavities). 
      • Tooth wear. 
      • Existing restorations. 
      • Overall appearance and colour. 
  • Assessment of gum health and appearance. 
  • Review of panoramic and any other X-ray images. 
  • Diagnostic photographs. 
  • Impressions for diagnostic models, if required. 
  • Discussion of recommended treatment and follow-up care.

This comprehensive dental session will helps us develop a clear, practical preventative care plan for you and gives us an idea of which restorative treatments you may need. 

Our preventative dental care services

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