Occlusal Splints and Cosmetic Injections for TMJ Disorders


Reduce effects of teeth grinding with an occlusal splint or Cosmetic Injections

A large number of people clench and grind their teeth. This is mostly a subconscious habit and people do it when they’re concentrating, stressed or sleeping. It’s a difficult habit to control consciously and can cause fracture and heavy wear even of healthy teeth. While it’s not always possible to ‘cure’ this habit, we can prevent damage to your teeth with a customized occlusal splint (a.k.a. ‘nightguard’) for your teeth. 


Another option we have available for patients is to have cosmetic injections into the TMJ which relaxes the muscles surrounding the joint to relieve any pain caused by grinding or clenching. To make an appointment for a consultation for Cosmetic Injections with the lovely Dr Daniela Bitlan please call 02 9233 3399 or visit the beauty clinic website

Say goodbye to headaches

An occlusal splint will not only protect your teeth from excessive wear, it can also reduce those frequent unexplained morning headaches and face pain. At The Dentist, we may also recommend that you see a chiropractor or physiotherapist when dealing with painful symptoms of grinding and clenching. 

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